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Welcome to the Original Sin Community@Livejournal.com!!! This is a community for the website Original Sin, an Albert Wesker Network, and Unofficial Fanlisting for Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil Series. If you're a fan, then feel free to join, as the membership is always open.

However note there ARE some rules to follow. The maintainers of this community reserve the right to remove any member at any time for any infraction of these rules without prior notice to the member.


1. If you post any news about Wesker or the Resident Evil Series, PLEASE NOTE A SOURCE. If you post a rumor, do not post it as if it is true. Cite a source to your information if it is news, otherwise it WILL be treated as if it's a rumor.

2. No flaming another member for their opinions. If you flame, you'll be removed, plain and simple.

3. If you have something of adult content to post, please make sure it's not only under a cut with an adult warning in the text, but also that the entire post is made FRIENDS ONLY. If you break this rule, a maintainer will fix it, however you will be warned, and repeated infractions will result in expulsion from this community.

If you have your own community that is based around Albert Wesker/Resident Evil in some way, shape, or form, please feel free to request an affiliation via the mod post in our community. Links to your community will be posted in this section, and all we ask is that when you request an affiliation, you give a description of what your community is about. Thank you!!!

Affiliate requests may be denied. If they are, a reason will be given in reply to your request on the mod post. Thank you!!!

Current Maintainers

giegiex - God Almighty Maintainer
cleonism - Castration Maintainer
araccoongirlie - Chris is greater than Wesker Maintainer

If you have any problems, feel free to contact one of us via this post or send one of us a private message through LiveJournals messaging system.
General Information

Any information on Wesker you may want or need can be found on the website currently. If it's not there now, it will be there more than likely fairly soon. The link to the website is found above. Thank you!!! ^^